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shopon hossain
06 de abr. de 2022
In Fórum de moda
It is from this conceptual creation, in which the socialist overcoming of liberalism is condensed, that its distinctive contribution to modern political culture can and should be understood. From this new way of understanding freedom as social freedom, the Whatsapp Mobile Number List result of social relations and their antagonistic dynamics, socialism concluded that only in the realization of social justice was it possible to sustain the modern project. Birthed by those strange beings who were the Saint-Simonians, the silhouette of social justice began where liberalism ended. From this moment on, the term became a dynamic principle that would modify and give substance to the democratic horizon itself. The dynamic effect of the principle of social justice reached a new zenith in the first decades of the 20th century. The progressive organization of society Whatsapp Mobile Number List gave rise to different associations that managed to reinscribe the individual in multiple belongings beyond the State. The legal recognition of these associations was far froWhatsapp Mobile Number Listm being a path mounted on velvet. For liberalism, clubs, parties, mutuals, cooperatives and unions represented a foreign body located between the State and the individual, since it could only interpret them within the framework of private law. That is to say, insofar as he considered them as deprived of any effective political impact. At this point, the relationship of tension between socialism and liberalism is also understood. The characteristic of socialism has not consisted, in effect, in the vindication of the autonomy of civil society and its associations: at this point it would be impossible to distinguish it from liberalism. Socialism has defended associations in their disturbing capacity of the liberal distribution of the Whatsapp Mobile Number List sensible, characterized by the division between the public-state and the private. On the contrary, it is in the surplus character of the social where socialism has found an argument to interpret associations as a form of organization capable of strengthening the bonds of solidarity that at the same time condensed political dynamics.

shopon hossain

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