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Shopon Hossin
04 de abr. de 2022
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Are we back to the Cold War? Is any progress on one side a failure on the other? The second difference is equally important. Unlike the Soviet Union Whatsapp Mobile Number List during the Cold War, modern Russia has no project with which to address the world. It cannot claim to offer any ideological, political, social, or economic alternative to the American order. There is no Russian political, social or economic model that can oppose American liberal democracy. Putin has not even been able to export the Russian way of doing politics to Ukraine. That is why Whatsapp Mobile Number List he seized Crimea in 2014. In recent history, Putin's Russian position is weak. Much weaker than the position of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Russian liberals are in opposition. The Whatsapp Mobile Number List. Hundreds of liberal opposition figures have recently left the country for political reasons. The liberals have many friends in the West, and are well regarded by the European Union and the US administration. In this case, there is no problem. From the point of view of the left, the situation is that Whatsapp Mobile Number List is no longer interested in internationalism. They see the world as a conflict between US imperialism and those who oppose it. The anti-imperialist position is dominant among many leftist forces in Europe. Among them, surprisingly, there is sympathy for Putin, because he resists US political domination. It seems to me that, in light of the conflict in Ukraine, it is urgent to renew the internationalist approach of the European left in international politics. It would be very useful for us. Our last conversation was late last spring, when environmental activist Anastasia Ponkina, who is only 20 years old, was imprisoned in Siberia. At that time, a new generation seemed to be emerging in Russia, bringing a different imaginary to politics. She then Whatsapp Mobile Number List disappeared. What happened? Russia has no friends in the West. Does the opposition have them? It hasn't disappeared. This generation is still there. But all the political structures through which he could express his ideas have been almost completely destroyed. Now we find ourselves in a situation similar to that of the Kazakhs.

Shopon Hossin

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